8 Week Transformation Program

Living Beyond Grief

Transformation from the Inside

The beautiful butterfly you see was once a caterpillar living on the ground amongst the foliage of plants, it just existed there to eat and eat, then one day it starts to spin silk around itself and places itself in a cocoon where it starts to go through the metamorphosis of transformation, and when it has fully developed, it finds its way out of that space and its life becomes different. It has a different imprint, different function and different purpose. Instead of just eating leaves as a caterpillar that seems like destruction, it now pollinates the plants to help bring about new life, and food for other living creatures, including us, man! So the humble butterfly has a worthy cause, and a worthy life, not only looking brittle and beautiful, but fulfilling a Divine purpose for continuation of life on the Divine Planet called Earth.  

You are that butterfly, what’s your Divine Purpose?   During the 8 week Program, Living Beyond Grief you will discover who you are, your divine purpose and emerge from your cocoon of grief spread your wings and fly like a butterfly.

Living Beyond Grief is the gateway most widows spend their entire lives searching for. It is empowerment, results, support and so much more all at your fingertips. Content that unlocks your hunger for more, and inspires the extraordinary in you.  It takes you from heartache to happiness within in weeks, not years. Living Beyond Grief is transformation from the inside out.

Living Beyond Grief is an 8 week interactive online program created by Denise Dielwart using her F.L.O.W Method. (Feel, Let go, Overcome, Whole).

We work together to uncover what’s keeping you stuck in your grief, why you sometimes feel guilty and angry, why your emotions swing from


depression, overwhelmed, sadness, back to happines, peace and laughter and then back to depression.  You will learn the MRT (Memory Release Technique) and the F.L.O.W method, both of  which you can use anywhere at anytime you feel depressed, lonely or sad to release your emotions within minutes. You will re-discover who you are, learn to love yourself, and have renewed self confidence and self esteem.   You will be able to step into your new normal with love and hope.

We talk once a week in a private coaching session where you can ask questions and gain clarity around what you are struggling with, either with the program or anything else that’s keeping you stuck in your grief journey.

I believe that at the end of the 8 weeks, I can help you acheive grief relief, and renewed self confidence without feeling overwhelmed or guilty, even if you believe that grief relief takes years.

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