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Are your Grieving or Depressed?

Are you grieving or depressed, and how do you know the difference? It can be very difficult to distinguish between grief and major depression. How Grief and Depression Are Similar Depression is often masked as Grief because Grief and Depression, they both have several...

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Heal yourself and you heal your grief

  Turn back the clock to early January 2009,. I was happily married, it was a new year, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of  my poodle puppy -  Lulu, Maarten and I were making plans for the year and  life was pretty cruisy. We were finally starting to enjoy the...

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Is It Time To Drop Your Mask

Is it time to drop your mask The world can be a harsh place for you emotionally after becoming a widow. A normal day can feel like being covered in biting, fire ants crawling all over you. Putting your mask on is a natural response to do whatever works for you to...

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Do You Have Unresolved Grief ?

When you become a widow, you don’t need anyone to tell you that your heart is broken. You know it is !   Grief is the normal and natural emotion to the death of your spouse. We all grieve differently, there is no certain way, a time frame or even how you...

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