I am healing. This Retreat has been so good for me. I have been running and stressed for the past 5 – 6 weeks and last night I finally just didn’t feel well. So today was a time out for me. I went down to the beach, found the hammock in the shade that allowed my feet to be elevated and I napped. I woke to find the storm rolling in – and it POURED! ( with no lightning, which may be unusual here) and surprisingly the rain called to me to come dance.

I have loved to dance in the rain since I was a child. Tim enjoyed watching me do that. I did some dancing this summer, but the joy wasn’t completely back.

Today, (at Denise’s Phuket Retreat) it called then I danced around the pool area. I did not care who was watching and wondered about my sanity. I sang and danced with joy and love for me in my heart. I am healing and I am going to be ok. I am so glad that I call Denise Dielwart last year, I am so glad that I came to this retreat with her this year. What a difference in my life thank you Denise.

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