Tim was killed in a motorcycle accident 15 months ago. I spent the first 3 months buried in paperwork, legal, and grief. We had been married 36 years, together 40 and OMG was he a collector – an organized hoarder. In the first month after Tim’s my friend in HR at work gave me info on our Employee Assistance program and said “Call. Get Help” I did and I tried a grief support group at church – Nice ladies, but not what I needed, each time a new person joined, everyone retold their story.

Three months after Tim passed away, I started searching Facebook for support groups, I joined and discarded several and one day a suggestion for Denise’s group crossed my page. I made my breakthrough call with her very shortly and started the program after the holidays.

I desperately felt that I needed to move on with my life NOW. I could not stand the thought of living in the pain I was feeling for a year or two or 15 (as I hear some ladies doing). But most – I wanted to function at work and in my music.  

On one a really bad day I sent Denise a Private Message saying “I don’t think I can do this anymore, I am lost” she was on the phone with me in 5 minutes. When you join her program – you kind of get her for life. I loved my time in Phuket Thailand with her and the other ladies at the Widows Grief Release Retreat– it was a wonderful time and I took another huge healing step forward there.

I am living and moving forward now. My grief moments are so much less frequent and they are shorter and far less painful; I smile at the tender memories. My work functioning has come back on. My music has moved forward and is an intense comfort to me

Tim and I had promised each other that “the last man standing goes on living and loving”

I am okay. I am feeling the love we shared and I would not have missed one moment of that love.I do not believe for a moment that my life would be coming back together this well and this quickly without Denise’s program, continuing support.

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