After my husband committed suicide I learned he’d been having affairs for over a decade. We were  married almost 32 years and were high school sweethearts, and hadn’t dated anyone else. He left me with no home, no job, no money and no idea who I was anymore. There were times when I thought my life was over.

I worked with numerous mindset coaches, grief coaches and a therapist of the years, who all gave me great suggestions on how to move through my grief, however, it took me months to recognize & follow their suggestions, and was not enough to move me through my grief and anger.  

Then I found Denise,  who is truly amazing, I credit Denise with getting me out of my depression. I was regularly spending most of the day in bed before I started working with her.

I had a huge shift and healing within the very first week of working with Denise and  achieved something I was putting off for years, With Denise’s help, I faced my biggest fear and after years of putting it off,  cleared out the storage shed of all the old painful memories and my husband’s business paperwork which previously was way too painful to even start doing.  

I took a job! I know!! It paid too little, By day 2 I knew I’d be gone quickly. By day 7 they fired me as I was about to quit. But I’d gone through the interviews, got hired, worked and I found my confidence again. I knew that I could do all of that. Suddenly I was feeling a lot better.

The key I think was I knew that there had to be a better life for me (and I still believe this) than what I was living.  I was also willing to do whatever I could to get me out of the hole and help me discover myself, and with Denise’s guidance and support I have found me again.  

I am forever grateful for taking another chance on me and trusting that Denise could help me move through my grief quickly.  Without Denise’s support and guidance, I would not be living the life I am now. Life is so different now.

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