My husband of 38 years died totally unexpectedly and suddenly 4 years ago. Overnight I had to take over the management of his specialist dental practice and our life together. That first year I just morphed into his world and after a horrendous time, sold the practice. I then became a grandma, sorted out our home and John’s things, sold the big family home and moved into a beautiful smaller town house.

THEN the reality of my single life at 62 hit me. I had chest pains that weren’t cardiac related…they were heartache. I had a few sessions with a counsellor which did help, but not really addressed my core pain.

THEN one melancholy morning I came across Denise’s FB invitation to contact her….the rest of my story is wonderful ….I’ve found a place for my disbelief and heartache, a deeply caring and relatable friend, fantastic deep thinking learning about myself and what my new life situation is opening up to. I’m am now able to share my journey with its ups and downs and be authentic and vulnerable when it’s appropriate. I’ve experienced deep gratitude for the  years my husband and I had together and have found a place to hold my memories.

.I’ve also been able to support friends with the strategies I’m learning. I AM SO GRATEFUL to have found this awesome program…which has transformed me and my life. I’d encourage you to check this out…..thank you Denise!

PS I still cry in the shower, miss my husband terribly, feel so sad that he never met his grand children etc. etc but my story has balance and perspective now!

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